Product/Restoration Retouching Pricing

For pricing purposes, Conlin assumes that the asset count, specifications, workflow and information provided to be accurate. Pricing is subject to review based on changes and/or workflow requirements. Conlin will ensure the quality and service aspects of the work performed based on continuous communications and feedback with the client.

Based on the complexity and number of images, Conlin estimates 30-minutes to one-hour per image for retouching. A scheduled turnaround for images will be mutually agreed upon between Conlin and the client. Typically, the turnaround period would be 24 to 48 hours depending on the volume of images.

Process Steps and Workflow

The process will be determined with the client, based on needs. The client will send images with specific mark-ups/annotations to Conlin who will perform the work, provide the quality assurance review, and post completed files for retrieval.

Typical workflow involves:

  1. Separation of the product on its own layer.
  2. Creating a natural shadow to be applied as a layer to turn on/off.
  3. Retouching product(s) to adjust brightness, contrast, color, dust removal, smoothing, smudges, blemishes, rogue fabric, and intense material wrinkles.


Contact Conlin for current pricing.